La Jolla Beach, San Diego, CA November 2016

Photo shot and edited by Christin Rupert (@naturecat_)


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Favorite place right now: Really wanting to travel out of the country right now...Iceland, New Zealand, Thailand, and Ireland just to name a few. But more immediately I'm trying to relocate to Portland, Oregon this year. Always love me some Pacific Northwest. 

Favorite book right now: The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac and heaps of others from the Beat those guys, seemed like real 'hip' dudes.

What do you do right now: Currently I'm the Culinary Supervisor at a Whole Foods market in Dallas, Tx. This year I'll be relocating to Portland, OR where I hope to leave a corporate lifestyle behind and dive into some creative arts...mainly photography and writing.

Tell me about yourself: Christopher Hernandez, 22 years old, born in Dallas, TX area. I've lived in Austin, TX and Tacoma, WA, and soon to be a resident of Portland, OR. I've spent most of my young adult years visiting and exploring all of the states west of Texas--my favorites being CA, OR, and WA. I enjoy photography, writing, cooking, skateboarding, rock climbing, and I dabble in some other creative arts as well. My photography of choice is film photography, so you'll find that lots of the photos I post will be from past travels or adventures (it takes me forever to get all my rolls developed, Dallas is so expensive with film). I also really enjoy people; all of the different styles and energies we share and don't share are very interesting. I'm sort of a shy guy but I'm overall pretty friendly, so if you see me around feel free to chat or if you ever need some photos taken or questions answered you can let me know or email me at