To be present sounds simple, but it is overlooked more than we realize. This isn't necessarily directed to everyone, but to the majority. 

Be present

Be mindful

Be aware

Feel everything

Well what the hell does that mean? You sound like a weirdo hippy dude. 

Yeah well just try it, it might change your life. If it doesn't then that's okay, just keep living no worries. To be mindful or present or aware really just means to pay attention. Pay attention to everything, all the details. When you wake up in the morning you probably have some sort of routine, almost everyone does, and that's okay. Wake up, alarm off, get up, make the bed, make some coffee, take a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and go to work (not necessarily in that order). Its like clockwork, automatic, every morning. Which is kind of cool; efficient, timely, and easy. Unfortunately its boring, lifeless, and so automatic that sometimes you can't even remember how you felt the entire time. To me that's just a little too depressing. I don't want to spend half of my life living like that. We are humans, we are endowed with these feelings and they are beautiful gifts that we should be more grateful for. We can feel so much if we would just pay attention. Go outside and look at the sky, it makes you feel so small and sometimes even scared. That's incredible to me, if you just sit and look at it and really feel it there's absolutely nothing like it. The same could be said of the clouds, the wind, the trees, the people, the animals, the stars, the moon, the mountains, the rivers, the rain, the grass, all of it. All of it brimming with life and with energy and emotion if you would just let it touch you. All of these things are invisible to many of us because we block ourselves inside of our daily lives. We get on autopilot and we just drive, or work, or do whatever we do and just forget about all of it when we go to sleep. The only things many of us notice are the things that happen directly to us. Pay attention and feel you surroundings, there are a million things probably going on around you at this very moment that if given attention could inspire some emotion or feeling or appreciation. You'll smile more and you'll be more grateful for all the things you have. It is an unbelievable feeling to be swayed by such minor things. Presence will make you happier, I promise.