I live in Dallas, Texas, and I constantly hear people saying “Man I just need to move, there’s nothing to do here in Texas”. For me Dallas isn’t so bad. I love the city and the people here, but the lack of mountainous area is a bit frustrating. Luckily I stumbled across this awesome website called “OnlyInYourState.com” which lists areas within your state that you may or may not know of. The website is full of incredible things about all the states but I’ll list a few of my favorites from the site that I had no clue existed.


  • Westcave Preserve (Round Mountain) 

“Just 45 minutes outside of Austin, you'll find this gorgeous secluded grotto, situated among acres of thriving grasslands and enchanting canyons. It's definitely worth the drive!” 



  • Guadalupe Peak 

    “Part of the Guadalupe Mountains, this is the highest point in Texas at 8,750 feet.”



  • El Capitan

    “Another high point in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, this peak soars into the sky above standing at 8,064 feet.”



  • Emory Peak

    “Way out west in the Big Bend, you'll find the 7,825 foot tall Emory Peak, which is part of the Chisos Mountains.”



The website is full of amazing sites all over any state. The lists aren’t limited to just cool areas to visit either, it also has cool statistics, good places to eat, unique towns, and cool cultural places. Hopefully this helps with some new adventure ideas because I know I have several new places I want to go now. 


Article where I found these places: