Today somebody asked me, "What was the coolest place you saw when you traveled?" I have never even thought about that before. I had no idea how to answer the question and it made me feel abnormal that I couldn't answer it. I've been on three road trips to the West Coast/Pacific Northwest and one trip to Pittsburg and Philadelphia. When I word it like that it doesn't feel like I've accomplished much as far as exploration. But the sights I've seen and the places I've been in between are unfathomable. Maybe that's why this question was so hard to answer? Or maybe it's because I'm human that this question irks me so much. Our emotions are rampant and beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. Well maybe one day on my adventures this beholder wasn't feeling so hot and the beauty escaped his grasp. Who's to say this beauty that he missed out on wasn't the coolest place he'd ever been if only he had been more aware? It's impossible to tell the truth, and I hate giving unsure answers. I guess if I had to pick a moment in my life during my travels where I felt the happiest, it would have been holding the person I loved tight in my arms underneath the downpour of Tumalo Falls in Oregon. An incredibly unforgettable moment to say the least, but to the outward eye Tumalo Falls is hardly in the top twenty as far as statuesque destinations go. But I guess love might possibly be the most alluring destination that this world has to offer. Or perhaps not, who knows.