The day started off with a friend and I heading out to White Rock lake in Dallas to do Stand Up Paddle Boarding, there's a company on the lake that will rent out Paddle Boards and other water equipment for a pretty good price. Got to try my newly learned yoga skills out all while keeping the superb balance on the board (only almost fell in a few times). I finished the day off with family in Forth Worth at a 4th of July party with my step father flying us around in the helicopter.

A big part of the adventure is being active, getting out of your comfort zone, and pushing your limits. I thought my climbing had cured my fear of heights but going 300+ feet up in the helicopter brought back old anxiety, you have to learn to let go of these feelings in order to get to the fun parts of life. Living the adventure requires a certain go with the flow and calmness, either to think your way through that next sequence in your climb or to crush the biggest wave you've ever seen. If your mental game is fuzzy your performance will be too, don't let a big obstacle get in the way of a great story.