For this post it will require some background on myself, because what I experience in my life may be far different from others in different places in their own. I am a 20 year old guy, I work full time, I rock climb at a gym anywhere from 3-6 times a week, I'm a student at a community college, and I am currently living at home.

A lot of my adventures in the year revolve around rock climbing, mainly because you can do it almost year round and it's usually pretty cheap (Excluding initial gear purchases). If I could I would do 50 trips a year to different places, but that costs money and I don't have that much vacation time, so I have to plan where I go and what I choose to spend money on carefully to maximize my experience. The other problem with having a "real life" outside my adventures is that I am always wanting more adventure and less "real life". This can cause drag in my day to day activities and make them feel less important or non purposed. I find it very frustrating that I have to cram a years worth of trips and experiences into 1 week of vacation time and even more frustrating that most the places I want to go cost more than I can currently afford.

How do I combat these issues in my current life? I do lots of weekend trips, where I leave on friday night and come back on sunday night, it usually limits my distance of travel to an area within 6-10 hours of where I live. That solves the vacation time problem and I usually camp whenever I do these trips so it keeps the costs down to Food and Gas. I also try to find locations where I have family members already living and I ask them if I can crash at their place while I'm in town, if you have a nice family this solution isn't too bad and they usually buy food for you, so win win. Also luckily outdoor activities are rarely a solo thing! Split a trip cost with the buddies that you bring with you that way everyone benefits and encourages you to extend invites to more people to lessen the costs on yourself. The week of vacation can be a hard thing to work around. Five days isn't a lot of time, and if you blow it all at once you can regret it later in the year. It's best to spread it out almost Seasonally or quarterly that way to really feel as though you've travelled the whole year. The spacing of these five days is key, you can take off 5 fridays through the year and give yourself five, three day weekend trips. But the way I usually do it is pair the vacation days with a holiday. Some years Thanksgiving or Christmas will fall on Fridays which allows a 4 day weekend trip. Finding ways to work the system always ends in your favor. In the end very few of us are professional athletes who have our trips funded for us and infinite travel time. I've learned that my trips make me appreciate my hard work in my "real life" more because it allows me to go on these trips and afford the things I wouldn't be able to otherwise. 

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
— George Bernard Shaw