By: Christopher Hernandez

      The yearning for a life on the road or in the wild has grappled at me for years now. It seems attainable and I'm sure there's many others who feel the same. But a certain level of "acceptable risk" (what Trent likes to call it) keeps me grounded. I have not yet been in a convenient enough position to make the leap. I know what you're all thinking, "You'll never be in a perfect spot, you have to just go for it!". I hear it all the time, and its true. However, I'm not looking for a perfect spot, just a good one. If I dove every time my heart blew the whistle so far, I'd have failed hundreds of times. I can accept the truth that I'm not ready; my resolve is bright enough to lead me to my goal and along the way I will learn everything I can to prepare for a full life. 

      But that's not what this is about, not entirely. This is about the in-between--the odd jobs and other crap. This is about all of your creativity that's lost, your misplaced ideas, your forgotten perceptions and schemes--vanished moments. Thoughts and intentions you'll probably never get back because of work or school or some other responsibility. It sucks, its frustrating. You have to work to achieve your goals, but amidst you miss out on lots of potential growth. We all try to create some balance: go on a few trips/vacations every year, or at least take some time off, and spend the rest of our time working to make our dreams come true. The problem is, we concentrate most of our life on work/responsibilities, very few actual hours are spent awake either learning or creating. And during the time we're not at work/school/whatever, we have everything scheduled around it. A two week vacation hardly feels like freedom whenever you're scrambling around trying to fit a million things into an itinerary so that you make it back home in time for work. Even simple days off during the week feel manipulated. Have to make sure you're in bed early enough for the morning shift, or you spend the day running errands that you can't do during work days. The bleak reality of our era is that many of us are left to a world of crushed imagination. Most of us yearn for it and spend out entire lives playing "catch-up" trying to at least poke at our dreams.

      I'm sorry to say that I have no real advice for any of you. I'm just a regular guy working a cooking job thirty five hours of the week. I take a few trips out of the year, and live a relatively blessed lifestyle. I'm not rich and I'm not poor, I save what little I can to grasp at my objective. But I won't quit. It's easy to sit back and complain with hope that things will just work out, but who knows if it will. I'll keep marching and take whatever I can along the way. My mind and heart will stay open for any opportunities; all we can do is keep moving forward. 


Christopher hanging out on La Jolla beach in San Diego - November 2016

Photo shot and edited by Christin Rupert (@naturecat_)