Why do we do anything? Why do runners go for a run, even though it sucks. Why do DJ’s make music, even though it takes loads of time. Why do I rock climb, even though it hurts me, bruises me, breaks me, frustrates me, scares me, and intimidates me. I’ve had this thought in my head for a long time now, trying to figure out why anyone does anything. People don’t HAVE to do go running, there are certainly easier ways to get in shape. It’s much easier to just get plastic surgery than to actually stay healthy, just suck away all the extra fat you don’t want. Humans don’t even need to be strong or fit anymore, unless you work a physically demanding job. So why do people do anything?

    It’s a strange question but I recently started scratching the surface at the reason I do anything. More specifically rock climbing, as most these blogs are. I don’t know why but it’s so easy to talk about rock climbing. There’s just something about it that is just so unnecessary to a rational thinking person. We don’t NEED to climb things, we could just fly to the top of whatever we want.. We WANT to climb things. There’s just something about looking at a wall that seems impossible to everyone else, and you have the thought, “I wonder if it’s possible” and that’s all it takes.. The second the thought of possibility enters your mind the route is stuck in your head. 

    I’ve recently identified why I rock climb. I always hear from various different movies and professional climbers that rock climbing is a selfish act. And I never really understood that really. I understand that when you climb you’re the only one climbing usually, which makes it a solo act, and therefor a selfish one maybe. But I never got to the core of it. I rock climb because for those 30-60 seconds i’m on a short route, I don’t care about anything else in this entire world. People disappear, noise is ignored, and I engage into a hyper thought process that almost speeds time up for me. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but when I touch the wall I’m in the zone. I don’t come out of that zone until i’m off route, either by falling, or snapped out by lack of holds. I finally understand at least why rock climbing is a selfish act for me, in that selfishness is the non care for others, simply defined. And it’s the truth! People may argue “Well you care about the belayer.” To which I can respond, If you ever have to worry about your belayer.. you probably should be climbing with them. It’s really not fair to you if you can’t dive wholly into this void of concentration.     

    So I apologize if you feel as though i’m ignoring you, or acting too seriously on a route...But the truth of it is I don’t care.. I’m in the zone. Go find your zone.