A lot of the time I hear people saying they want to get in shape, but they just can’t get motivated to get off the couch, or no one is pushing them to get in shape. Most days when It’s a “Gym Day” for me (meaning my usual training days of Monday and Wednesday, not the days I just do regular climbing) I’m at work and i’m thinking about how tired I am and how nice it would be just to pick up some Chipotle and head home and watch some TV show. But around 5-6pm when my work day is wrapping up I roam around youtube and I do my favorite thing; watch climbing videos. Doesn’t even matter if they’re from this decade, all climbing vids are epic, they’re like an adrenaline burst for me. Somedays the only reason I even go to the gym is because I watched a sick climbing vid and I get amped up and I wanna go climb hard stuff, doesn’t even matter how tired I am, So I wanna start sharing some vids that get my blood pumping and get me Psyched to get in the gym, and hopefully get you psyched too!

This first one is Alex Honnold and Felipe Camargo climbing in Getu, China. This route is a stout 5.14b, 8 pitches with a lot of gravity checking, upside down, climbing. Super cool route, and I love me some Honnold. 

This Vid has Sasha DiGiulian and Eduard Martin climbing in Sardinia, Italy. Doing one of the hardest mutli-pitch climbs in the word (1,082ft, 7 pitches, and goes at 5.14). Super cool route in a beautiful place. Sasha looks super sweet, but she's a badass climber and kills on this route. 

I really enjoy watching free solo climbing, something about the slow precise movement is something I strive for in my climbing and try to emulate control on a climb as much as possible. This route in Yosemite is called "Separate Reality" and is a classic 5.12. The vid isn't that old but just shows how much the climbing culture has changed in such a short period of time. This one will get your hands sweating!

Hope these get you hyped like they do me!