I train like a lot..like 5-7 days a week usually, if there were an 8th day I'd be training on it, that's how much. I'm not like epic strong or anything, but I can walk up to 5.12a and get it in 1-2 tries most the time (most). I've also been known to climb anywhere between 30-50 routes in an hour or two if I really push. I've had a slight dip in training during 2016 because of a weird relationship thing that made me re-prioritize what I wanted to do, and now we're back grinding in the gym. Despite that I've kept pretty good fitness for 2ish years now, and climbing is my main tool. 

I used to get asked a bunch, "How did you get so strong so quick" and I would say "Black Magic...aka Mario's stripper name". Mario is my coach, he's my homie, my bro, my mentor, and the dude who makes me feel the pain 2-4 days out of the week. Mario runs a training program called ClimbFit, and it's basically what the name sounds like; Climbing and Fitness. Mario's been climbing like since forever and is well known in Dallas and every other southern climbing area, he is the climbing dude of Dallas. I met Mario my first day rock climbing and was in ClimbFit on my second day of rock climbing, So my secret to how I got so strong is that I started off my climbing training right off the bat. 

One of the most important parts of climbing is CORE!!!! we all love a good core burn and we focus 40-50% of our workout time to our core training. Crunches, Bicycles, 6 inches, "L" sits, Kings chair, Toe touches, you name it, we do ALL the core, and we do sometimes 2-3 sets of it. It's one of the main reasons everyone in the climbing gym has a six pack. 

The second thing we focus on is upper body strength. Before I started climbing it was laughable if you asked me if I could do a pull up, now I can bust out 50 in 5 min. We focus on what's called "Push-Pull" meaning Pushing and Pulling. We'll do Pushups, Spiderman push-ups, Burpees, Battle Ropes, Plate pushers, Pull ups, Chin Ups, One arm lock offs, Negatives, Frenchies, Dips, and the list can go on and on. 

Climbers usually have to hike to their climbing destination, for example last spring we had to hike 3000 vertical feet up a cliff side back up to our camp site in New Mexico every day, I was dying. Because of this we don't skip leg day. We focus primarily on a lot of squats with weights, but some of our other workouts segue into legs as well, like Burpees & Jumpees. We'll also do Box Jumps, Power Jumps, In-out squats, and a variation of other type of squats. 

Those are the big 3 we train every day, but as a climber you also have to strengthen your fingers. This is a delicate process as you're not actually adding finger muscle (Fingers don't have muscles), but rather strengthening your tendons. Tendons are delicate and amazing at the same time, they can hold your whole body weight off of a few finger tips, but can tear if you over work them. Because of this we train finger strength once a week and sometimes two times if we're feeling good. This usually involves a small wooden board called a "Beast Maker" they're specifically made for making your fingers stronger and they're awesome. The workout varies on the strength of the climber, but i'll usually use the "Beast maker 2000". I'll get all 4 of my fingers on the smallest crimp and do 7 seconds on with 3 seconds of rest in between for a minute and then repeat for 3-5 sets. 

Climbing is one of the those sports that you just get fit no matter what, as long as you climb. It's great because it provides my brain with constant stimulation and new problems to figure out. It's pretty much just play time fitness, and I think that's awesome.