I write to you tonight from a subway parking lot in the front seat of my Bronco. The wifi is kinda bad right now at Pete’s so I drove into town to restock on burritos and write. 

Today was pretty nice. I did my 2nd day ever on North Mountain which was cool, having not sampled any of the climbs my first time on North, 2 years ago. I got started on the Warm up boulders at the top of the chains and did a high ball v1 or something, i’m not really sure what it was it just felt fairly easy. I moved on to DDD (v7) for my first real climb of the day. Initially I had thought that the swing out move was the crux, but that’s totally not the case at all hahah. I had an incredibly hard time getting to the 2nd hold and realized fast that this route was not the thing for me. Luckily there’s another v7 right around the corner “Babyface” which is completely my style. A vertical, tech-y, crimpy, long move thing that I really enjoyed working the moves on. I probably projected it for at least 2 hours, slicing some nice holes in my right ring finger from the start hold. I was able to make it to the crux pinch several times but had a hard time keeping my right toe on which ultimately led to me not sending it today. It feels really solid, and i’m sure with some more work it’ll go on a later attempt. After that Brandon and I walked over to Fern’s Roof and worked the v9 that’s there. It’s the first v9 i’ve touched and it felt fairly powerful and hard, which isn’t exactly what I was looking for after projecting for 2 hours. I only tried it for maybe 4-5 attempts and concluded that it wasn’t for me today. We finished our day in the Martini Cave which was super rad looking. I worked on “Big Iron on his hip” (v7) for a few tries but I was pretty zonked out from projecting so I swapped to taking photos of Brandon and the other climbers in the cave. Got some solid pics that i’ll be sharing on my Instagram later on this weekend probably, but i’m probably most psyched on the photos more than anything today. 

Overall a fairly rewarding day. I worked on some hard stuff making solid progress on most the things I tried, and got some dope pictures of people in the Martini cave. Tomorrow we’re going to West mountain to try some long, endurance-y V6s and maybe another V8. We’ll see. I’m gonna destroy this burrito and discover how many layers it takes to be comfy on this cold night.