Tonight i’m laid up in the tailgate of my Bronco feelin’ friggin haggard. Was such a tough day filled with hard climbs. I wanted my final day in Hueco to be good, but also I wanted to make sure I tested my limits as well. Boy did today tick both of those goals.

We started the day on “Shroom” (v9), a crimpy climb that starts low and has some pretty powerful moves before the easier v7 top out section. I projected the start of the 9 for probably 20 minutes but couldn’t manage to get the right arm lock-off start into the left hand high cross onto a sharp crimp. The stand start is a v7 that starts on the right hand sidepull jug and left hand on the sharp crimp. I was able to get the first few moves on the v7 and just needed to figure out the foot beta to be able to slap the far left jug. Sadly right after I figured out the foot beta and had the hard move locked down, my left middle finger got a gnarly flapper and that was my queue to move on to other climbs. 

We headed to another v9 called “Bathtub” after, and this was hands down my favorite boulder i’ve ever touched. The whole climb is mostly super positive slopers traversing up a face. It had some amazing sequences and technical parts that were awesome to figure out. I was able to do the entire 1st section but unable to link it into the middle sequence. I worked from the middle to the 2nd to last move pretty well, I definitely think with some endurance and core training it would go on my next trip out here. 

After working Bathtub we headed to “Crash Dummy” (v7) which Brandon said was his favorite 7 he’d done, so I was pretty excited to try it out. At this point my toes and hands were really feelin’ the fact that I had been projecting for 3 days straight basically. I wish I had tried it earlier in the day or maybe just had a rest day before trying it, but I didn’t have those options. I made the best out of my tired muscles and the fact that every body part was very sore from climbing so much. I was able to do the entire underbelly up to the 2nd left hand bump into the crimp side-pull, but ultimately couldn’t keep my arms from giving out when going for the 3rd bump to the pinch. I was overall pretty happy with the progress I made, being as tired as I was. 

Even though nothing went today or yesterday, I projected hard and gave the climbs my hardest effort I could, and I’m happy with my attempts and psyched to send these things on my next trip to Hueco. Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and drive to Durango and stay with my grandparents for a week. I’m really excited about having a real bed to sleep in, and unlimited showers haha, having grandma’s cooking will be amazing too for sure. Hopefully be getting some more climbing in at Sailing hawks up there and some days of Snowboarding before heading off to Boulder!