Finally in a bed!!!! I made it to my grandparent’s house in Durango, CO today! Not to say I didn’t love sleeping in my Bronco in the cold, I just really enjoy showering and sleeping on things that are designed to be slept on. 

I woke up this morning several times; 3am, 5am, and finally 7am and I figured that was an appropriate time to start my day. It was a pretty chilly morning, but I made sure to take in the last little bit of Hueco I could before leaving. Driving all day doesn’t really leave much to write down about the day, it was a fairly standard day of driving.. I drove for 8 hours and at the end of that I was in Colorado. I’m not very fond of New Mexico’s speed limits I can say that much at least, and there are way more police on the long stretches of highway than I anticipated. 

When I arrived at my grandparent’s house I showered for the first time in 5 days and then edited some pictures till it was time for dinner. Grandma always makes the best food and I’m really looking forward to eating well this week. Sorry this isn’t a more entertaining day, but hopefully I make up for it later in the week!

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