I write tonight with dry eyes and a fully belly after a full day on the ski slopes followed up by a nice dinner in town. The snow conditions in Durango are very sub-optimal for the time of year, there’s a lot of icy patches and rocks on the thinner parts of the snow. It makes for some interesting snowboarding to say the least. 

The day wasn’t all too exciting, grandpa and I ski’d all over and it was an absolutely beautiful day. The place was empty, hardly anyone even on the slopes all day, even at the restaurant on the mountain we were the only two in the entire building. Towards the end of the day a girl pulled up next to us and was yelling “Oh god I broke my F**** hand”  and sure enough she pulled off her glove to a severely bruised palm. It was very strange because just as quickly as she came up to us, she was ripping back down the mountain again haha. After that encounter I was resolved to not injure myself while snowboarding, so after we made back to the front side of the mountain we called it a day and headed home. 

Almost as soon as we got home I went straight to the couch and knocked out for a few hours. When I awoke grandma was saying that we should go out for food tonight and we ended up going to an Italian restaurant inside downtown Durango. It was a nice end to a rather uneventful day. Tomorrow we’re going back to ski some more and then hopefully on Thursday my fingertip is healed enough for me to go back to Sailing Hawks and finish the v7 that bloodied me!