I write tonight very sleepy from a not so hard day, I’m really baffled on why i’m so tired tonight haha. I went back to the slopes today with grandma and grandpa for a short day on the mountain, but I was glad that I didn’t push it too hard. I’ve started to realize what I really value because I used to go all out on snowboarding, really pushing it to the max, and I’ve hurt myself several times, however on these 2 days I showed some self control and chose not to. I value my climbing above all else right now, and more than that I really can’t injure myself before my school starts up haha. 

After our short day on the mountain we pretty much just rested until dinner time. I went up to my room and started watching “Troy” because I enjoy ancient greek stuff and mainly because Netflix has nothing else I was interested in. I dozed off for about an hour and woke up for dinner. I can’t overstate how much my grandparents are doing for me while I’m here, They cook for me almost every night, my grandpa bought my lift tickets and board rental, and they’re really making me feel pampered while in Durango. These are the days I really feel blessed. I get to travel around climbing on things and snowboarding, really living my “dream” for so long of being care free and doing what I want. I enjoy these relaxing days, but I feel a little guilty for not squeezing every last drop of excitement and adventure out  of these days because I know this is a gift that few people get in life. I just want to make sure I do it right. 

Short blog for today again, hopefully tomorrow i’ll have some climbing junk to throw in here about a successful day filled with sends and new friends!