Today was a fairly laid back day.. Not in the sense where my body isn’t sore and I feel well rested, but in the way of I didn’t climb anything hard today haha. The biggest change of the day was that I got a hair cut FINALLY. I don’t have a picture or anything of it, but it’s finally out of my face and I don’t look like i have a mop on my head anymore. The only other thing I did today after the haircut was work on making a “hang-board” from scratch with my grandpa. I looked up some plans online for making a home made hang-board, and I also printed out a picture of a real hang-board, and grandpa and I went into the workshop like two mad scientists to create our vision. 

We got a lot done today on the board. It’s basically 3/4s complete, all that’s left is to sand the pockets where the fingers go and then make it look pretty by sanding the rest of the board. The process was long and tiring to create this thing hahah, doing all the math and then measuring each hole for fingers took hoursssss and then cutting and drilling it was even more time. I’m fairly happy with how it’s turned out so far though, but there were moments when I thought we’d have to start over from scratch. Luckily my grandpa is a master at salvaging disasters in wood, and we saved the project multiple times today. Tomorrow I’ll probably do a full write up on how we created our home made hang-board, after I see that the finished product looks semi decent haha. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow so I might not have much else to do!