Well we’re basically all done with the hang-board! after two-ish days of work (roughly 10 hours) all that’s left to do is to put the final finish on it. I wasn’t expecting it to look as good as it does to be truthful, it ACTUALLY looks like a “Beastmaker 1000”. 


We started with a block of cherry wood 3 feet by 11 inches and cut it down to 22 by 8 inches. We knew the layout we wanted because we were basing it off the beastmaker 1000. We’d have two 4 finger, two 3 finger, and two 2 finger pockets on the bottom row, all half an inch deep. On the next row is the same layout, except with a single 4 finger pocket in the middle of it, and these pockets are 1 inch deep. On the final row only two 4 finger pockets on the outsides and two 3 finger pockets in the middle, each of these at 3/4 an inch. Finally at the top of the board we’d make a sloper at a 45 degree angle and round the edge in the back to make for a nice jug hold. 

The size of the holds was fairly easy to figure out. I measured 4 of my fingers for the 4 finger pocket, and then measured 3 fingers, and so on. The other part we had to figure out was the spaces in between the pockets which were either 3/4s an inch or 1/2 depending on the amount of pockets on the row. After we had calculated all the dimensions for the board we had to make a sort of stencil for it so that we could cut out the pockets using a plunger drill thing (idk the actual name, but it has the word Plunger in it). This was actually the hardest part of the whole endeavor, the plunger drill is a hard thing to control and getting the correct depth in the pockets is key to have a consistent training board. After we drilled the pockets we hit them a second time with another handheld drill that cleans up the edges without making them wider. Then we cut the square board and made the edges round so that it resembled the beastmaker a little more. When we got that done we cut the sloper hold on the top of the board at the 45 degree angle. After all the big cuts it was mostly just small things to make the overall look a little nicer. Rounding the edges, making the pocket’s edges smooth so they’re nice to hold, sanding the faces, and putting the final wood finish on it. 

I couldn’t be happier with the final product, It looks like the real deal and I made it with my own two hands with my grandpa in his workshop. It makes me feel like a real man when I can craft things out of wood that are actually good looking hahah. I have a few ideas for the board as well, I think I’ll have my friends do as many pull ups on it as they can and then write on the back and sign it or something cool like that. All good things must come to an end and tomorrow I leave Durango to move on up to Boulder with my friend Ian for a week. I can’t believe that school is a little more than a week away, but I’m so excited to start I can barely contain myself! Hopefully my drive tomorrow isn’t horrible with all the snow dropping tonight, Pray for me!!


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