SunRiser Adventure was my 4am thought on July 4th morning. I came up with the name, idea, content, created the website, youtube, instagram, twitter, Facebook, and came up with a conceptive logo in the span of a few hours. But this is nothing without the adventures to fill your blogs, and Pictures to fill a gallery, and friends to bounce ideas off and to gain support from. I convinced Chris to come aboard because I saw his fantastic photos, I had no idea he would be an incredible writer and partner for the site. My other partner Alec gave me the Psych to get my idea off the ground. The dude has enough Hype to make any man believe in himself, he's an incredibly unique individual. With my two partners I went into 2016 with a fresh outlook and determination to live my Adventure, and that's what I did. 

I went on 30+ Trips this year, I really think I went on 40+ but I went to Austin so many times I lost count. I pushed my outdoor climbing grade up 2 number grades (From 5.10 to 5.12a). I left my fear and anxiety in the parking lot of every crag and stepped boldly into each and every trip I went on. I got a 2nd ascent on my first 5.12a ever on "I wish I was your Lover". I guided 3 trips with my Mentor and Friend Mario and got paid to photograph 2 of them. I had the honor of having 3 amazing photographers shoot me while rock climbing in Heuco Tanks, TX. I spent my spring break in New Mexico climbing with friends and mentors. I spent my summer climbing and exploring with some of the best friends I'll ever have. I spent my fall reconnecting with old climbing partners and discovering new areas to old crags that I had thought useless. I met wise old men who taught me to climb better. I met kids that gave me back my appreciation of playing around. I turned 21, competed in climbing competitions with my mentor, watched him marry the love of his life, and watched a brand new star wars movie that was FANTASTIC. 

2016 has brought and taken a lot of things from us. We must remember to face every challenge with bravery, determination, and an open mind. Most importantly we must remember to love our fellow man in 2017. I cannot wait to see what 2017 will hold for me and the amazing team at SunRiser Adventure, and I can't wait to share it with all of you. 

Thank you for reading our tales and we hope you continue to do so.

-Trent, Chris, and Alec